TMMi Professional training


SQI Ltd. is a TMMi Foundation Recognized Training Provider.


This 2 days course is following the official curriculum, developed by the TMMi Foundation .


Course slides are in English, and can be taught in English, Hungarian or Romanian - depending on the participant wish.


If a company wishes to send more people to the course, we can organize it at the customer site. In this case discounts will apply. 

Price of the course: 199 000 HUF.

Price of the course + exam (paper-based): 250 000 HUF

Exam can follow on-line as well, at the premises where TMMi Foundation licenced it.

Next course starts on: 4. June 2019.


Lecturer of the course is Dr. Katalin Balla, who is a TMMi Certified Professional (14-TMMI-P-00053-DE), a Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraiser for CMMI- DEV and CMMI-SVC (ID: 0600767-02), ISTQB Certified Tester Tester (13-CTFL-37071-ES), and founding member of Hungarian Testing Board ( .


Our lecturer can be contacted via e-mail for a period of 3 weeks after finishing the course, if the student has questions while preparing for the exam.


For the exam, the following literature study is recommended:

  • Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi), Release 1.0 (2012), TMMi Foundation (
  • The Little TMMi – Objective-Driven Test Process Improvement (2011), E. van Veenendaal and J.J. Cannegieter, UTN Publishing (


For further information please contact:


Course contents:


1. Introduction to test process improvement 

  • Context of Test Improvement
  • Introduction to the TMMi model
  • CMMI and TMMi • Understanding maturity and capability levels

 2.The TMMi model structure 

  • TMMi maturity and capability levels, goals and practices
  • TMMi level 2 process areas
  • Test policy and strategy
  • Test planning
  • Test monitoring and control
  • Test design and execution
  • Test environment
  • Metrics and performance indicators
  • TMMi level 3 Process Areas
  • Test organization
  • Test training program
  • Test life cycle and integration
  • Non-functional testing
  • Peer reviews
  • Test measurement
  • TMMi level 4 process areas
  • Test measurement
  • Product quality evaluation
  • Advanced reviews
  • TMMi level 5 process areas
  • Defect prevention
  • Quality control

 3. TMMi assessments 

  • Pre-requisites of a TMMi assessment
  • Steps of a TMMi assessment
  • Implementation of test process improvement within an organization






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