TMMi Professional training


SQI Ltd. is a TMMi Foundation Recognized Training Provider.


This 2 days course is following the official curriculum, developed by the TMMi Foundation .


Course slides are in English, and can be taught in English, Hungarian or Romanian - depending on the participant wish.


If a company wishes to send more people to the course, we can organize it at the customer site. In this case discounts will apply. 

The official, full price of the course is 199 000 HUF.


Exam can follow, on-line, at the premises where TMMi Foundation licenced it.


Lecturer of the course is Dr. Katalin Balla, who is a TMMi Certified Professional (14-TMMI-P-00053-DE), a Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraiser for CMMI- DEV and CMMI-SVC (ID: 0600767-02), ISTQB Certified Tester Tester (13-CTFL-37071-ES), and founding member of Hungarian Testing Board ( .


Our lecturer can be contacted via e-mail for a period of 3 months after finishing the course, if the student has questions and prepares for the exam.


For the exam, the following literature study is recommended:

  • Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi), Release 1.0 (2012), TMMi Foundation (
  • The Little TMMi – Objective-Driven Test Process Improvement (2011), E. van Veenendaal and J.J. Cannegieter, UTN Publishing (


For further information please contact:


Course contents:


1. Introduction to test process improvement


  • Context of Test Improvement
  • Introduction to the TMMi model
  • CMMI and TMMi • Understanding maturity and capability levels


2.The TMMi model structure


  • TMMi maturity and capability levels, goals and practices
  • TMMi level 2 process areas
  • Test policy and strategy
  • Test planning
  • Test monitoring and control
  • Test design and execution
  • Test environment
  • Metrics and performance indicators
  • TMMi level 3 Process Areas
  • Test organization
  • Test training program
  • Test life cycle and integration
  • Non-functional testing
  • Peer reviews
  • Test measurement
  • TMMi level 4 process areas
  • Test measurement
  • Product quality evaluation
  • Advanced reviews
  • TMMi level 5 process areas
  • Defect prevention
  • Quality control


3. TMMi assessments


  • Pre-requisites of a TMMi assessment
  • Steps of a TMMi assessment
  • Implementation of test process improvement within an organization






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