TMMi assessment

We are entitled to do official TMMi assessment.

We are the first ones in the world doing TMMi assessments based on SCAMPI method (Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement). By using SCAMPI for TMMi assessments we create the possibility for companies to reuse CMMI appraisal evidence (e.g. for testing Process Areas) during a TMMi assessment, thus making TMMi appraisals shorter and more cost-effective.


In the journey towards TMMi conformance the first step of a company is getting to know the degree to which its actual testing processes satisfy TMMi requirements. We check this together with the company's employees on a short, introductory assessment (gap-analysis), using QuickScan method.


Based on the results of the gap-analysis we provide consultancy for choosing a feasible target as goal of a test process improvement project, and planning the project.  

When the test process improvement project is completed, SQI can do the official assessment of the test process maturity.

One of our employees is Lead Assessor accredited by the TMMi Foundation  (see: ID: BLLK-610698.




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